FAI60S Gadget Edition

A Complete Sleep Solution. No Drugs. No Therapy. Gadgets Optional.

Asleep In 60 Seconds? It's a bit like the old Monty Python sketch about "The Killer Joke" which no one ever hears… a book so tedious you never reach the end… When you wake up, please don't forget to leave me some stars 🙂

Seriously though, I've found something that works and, with repetition, works spectacularly well… it even has beneficial side-effects. You don't have to buy any special props or equipment. It does not involve taking drugs, though there are a few things you shouldn't eat or drink at bedtime. You don't have to buy my DVD, download my app, pay for or subscribe to my online course. You only have to join my new religion… just kidding 😉

This book is it… 100% of my solution.